Maintaining Your Home During the Fall Season

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There’s something to be said about a well-Maintained Home. Keeping your home in good repair can help prevent costly problems from occurring. It also helps the mechanical systems run more efficiently and last longer. 

Summer is slowly ending and it’s time to begin the transition into the Fall Season. The great thing about living in the Central Valley in Stockton...Fall most of the time feels like Spring. However, Fall is one of the best times for you to sell a home in the Central Valley. But in order to sell it, you have to first maintain it. Although maintaining a home can be tedious work...if done with love your home will be a top contender when you get ready to sell it. 

I have included a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to help keep your home in good condition. You’ll not only make your home cozy for the winter months but increase your home’s value for potential buyers. Home maintenance can play a significant role in how attractive a home is and how it affects how others see the home. The checklist listed includes maintenance for: 

Inspect Your Roof

Utilize binoculars to see if there are any cracked, missing or loose tiles on your roof.  Remember, this is your biggest investment and the roof is the main protector of your home. So, if you have any concerns contact a roofer to inspect. Roofers will give you quotes for any repairs that is necessary and for a small fee you can get the work warranted if that roofer does the work. The goal is to take care of any repairs before they become serious issues.

Landscape and Yardwork

It's safe to say that it's best to get your yard regularly  maintained on a monthly basis for your yard to live its best life. During the fall is no different and homeowners may need to maintain the yard even more times a month than normal. The great thing is that you won't have to turn on the water as much as you did during the summer. Although grass appears to stop growing in the fall, the roots are actually growing deeper to prepare for winter. Now is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn. The most work completed on the yard is cleaning the debris and making sure the debris is cleared at or near drainage. The drainage can not function properly if it is clogged up.

Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

If you have trees close to your home, it's a good idea to have a plan for how often the gutters will be cleaned to avoid your gutters getting clogged. Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year – in the spring and in the fall. The gutter system controls the flow of rainwater from the rooflines. This protects your home’s roof, siding, walls, foundation and landscape. Gutters and downspouts last a long time if they're well maintained but may need to be replaced once they begin rusting, cracking, or sagging. 

Inspect Windows and Doors

Air leaks can waste a lot of your energy dollars. One of the quickest energy- and money-saving tasks you can do is caulk, seal and weather strip all cracks and large openings to the outside. This is an easy and inexpensive repair and can save your energy bill by 10% -20%. Do forget to check the door frame to make sure it is completely sealed and air is not seeping through. 

Heating Systems

Having your heating system professionally cleaned, tuned, and inspected has a number of significant benefits. The best way to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and optimal performance of your heating equipment is with annual preventive maintenance—and the best time to schedule this invaluable service is in the fall, before you turn your heating system on. A heating system that is dirty or neglected has to work harder than necessary to raise the temperature in your home. By having routine maintenance allows efficient operation of your heating system, reducing energy usage, and lowering your monthly bill.


Protect your pipes from freezing or bursting by ensuring the pipes are insulated well. Know where the shut off valve is located to avoid freezing pipes. It is also a good idea to drain your hose and store them inside if you live in an area that expects extremely low temperatures. 

Chimney and Fireplace

Most homeowners forget about the maintenance of the chimney and fireplaces. Now is the ideal time to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional. Making sure your chimney is cleaned, maintained and in working order before you need to turn on the heat is an important safety measure. Cleaning a chimney is im­portant to prevent chimney fires -- and potential house fires. Be certain to add a chimney cap if you don’t already have one to eliminate critters from crawling down your chimney. 

Click here to receive a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist. Please share and leave a comment on how your fall home cleaning goes!


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